6 Ways To House Train Your Puppy

Puppy training
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6 Training Tips To House Train Your Puppy

Bringing a new puppy can surely bring happiness at your place, but there are few things can put a damper on the same joy of introducing one at your place. So, if you are one among them and are looking for ways to House train Your Puppy, then don’t worry or don’t panic, as you are not alone.

As there are many ways available to potty train your new puppy, and you know what’s more interesting and good to believe that even your puppy wants to learn this manner. Before you allow your pup to move freely in his own kingdom, make sure that he is trained enough to avoid any accident with the help of golden house rules.

To train your pure puppy and to educate him, to not chew up your things and to avoid every possible unseen accident, here are all the things that you can try to think about as you start house training your puppy.

Prefer Confinement training

house train your puppy

For many dog lovers, the thought of restricting a brand new puppy to a certain area of the house or to keep his tie under a crate may feel awful. When you hear your puppy crying, you may feel the need to untie him but keeping your dog in a small enough area will quickly teach them not to relieve themselves inside.

Confinement training is effective for a multitude of reasons. Your puppy will not want to relieve themselves in a small space where they can’t leave. However, it keeps your dog safe ad secured.

As soon as the time will pass and with the help of the proper house training, your dog will come to consider their own personal space.  And once they will learn the entire skill of confinement you may find them taking a nap as well under any sofa, bed or their favorite resting place.



Let Your Pup Out Of Confinement and Take Them Outside

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After introducing a new favorite toy to your dog, take them outside and you can also have them relieve themselves.  When you first start to house train your puppy, you may find it difficult to restrict yourself from playing with them as soon as you let them play.

Also, you should introduce the command words like “potty,” “outside,” or whatever works for you to signal to your puppy, you may feel the need to take them out and let them enjoy their moment.

Reward Them Generously

Puppy reward

Likewise every other human being, dogs too love to get rewarded.  So, whenever they achiever or complete their task, you should definitely entertain them with some reward, that they have earned for their smart work. Your puppy will quickly associate the positive reinforcement that they get with relieving themselves outside, and they’ll also learn to go out potty there as well.

Avoid Yelling At Them

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If you leave your puppy at home and you return home to a mishap or any unpleasant situation, avoid being harsh or yelling at them. Instead, you should try to teach them.

To help all the fresh dog owners, we have published a complete guide of how to train your dog and you too can learn the important parameters and ways to house train your puppy through it.

Use Turf To Train Your Puppy Indoors

Make a special space for your puppy – be it in a mudroom, in the corner of their playpen, or near the back door–that you can designate for your puppy to use the restroom. Also, there are many e pee pads made of turf available out there in the market that can surely help your puppy transition from relieving themselves inside to doing so outside.

Make Your Puppy’s Life Stable By Putting Your Puppy On A Sleep Schedule

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Now, you or no other dog owner won’t be able to magically dictate when your puppy will fall asleep and when will he wake up, but in order or with an aim to make your puppy able to grow into a dog who can relieve themselves on your schedule, you’re going to want to set up a routine for your pup.

Once they will become habitual of it, they can keep themselves away from the reach of any unwanted mishap and also, a good help will remain the bonus to them.

All the above-mentioned tactics and tricks of House train your puppy may take some trial and error, but you and your pup will find a groove in terms of relieving themselves in the proper manner.

At times, you may get annoyed or may also feel to quit in between. But, by taking your puppy out at the same times throughout the day, and then slowly weening them to every four to six hours instead of every hour–they will know when they can expect to go outside and relieve themselves. This will not only make them feel fresh but, they will also enjoy their new lessons.



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