Top 5 Famous Maltese Haircut Styles in 2022

Maltese Haircut Overview

Maltese dogs can be a little, but they have a shaky personality and many features. They are affectionate, cute, and adorable, mostly thanks to their long, straight, silky coat. Below we can see the top 5 famous Maltese haircuts.

Maltese hair is uniquely human hair like a puppy, and it can be super-tall without too much shade. It can be styled in various ways (from super to short and long to flow) but requires quite a bit of maintenance, so be sure to wash and prepare this to prevent tangles. One of the great ingredients of Maltese is a single-layer coat of hair. Separate from the fur, the hair can lengthen. And it allows for a wide range of different hairstyles. It has a variety from a close shaved coat to a long show coat and every length in between.

Most owners opt for relatively short coats since long coats take a lot of work to maintain. When the hair is raised to the floor-length, the skin can develop many more tangles and easily be designed. Another great aspect of a Maltese coat is that you can keep the body rather short but experiment with different styles related to head and tail. Here, we take a look at some cool hairstyles.

  1. Standard Cut

If you are ready to dive right into the high-maintenance cut, this fancy-stealth style might be perfect for your dog. Requirement for this style, your Maltese coat should almost touch the floor, as well as have long fur on the face. However, some owners pull their puppy hair up to single or double top knots.

2. Puppy Clip

This clip is very nice in different varieties, and it has no exception. The fur is cut to the same length throughout the body, face, ears, and tail (about 1/4 inch to 1 inch). This is easier to maintain than long hairstyles, and dogs still look adorable with easy-to-maintain locks. You can make this style your own by creating a variety of cut lengths and fluffy to your liking, and you can even add a top knot!

3. Teddy Bear Cut

This hairstyle cannot be cuter, especially because everyone loves teddy bears! To create this style, use a dog clipper to trim your dog’s side and back hair about 1/4 inch long, but leave the fur anywhere. Usually about 1/2 inch or more. This is more of a hairstyle than a real haircut, but you can combine it with Maltese styles. The primary purpose of the top knot is to tie a ribbon or bow on the dog’s head. Which in turn adds to the adorable look of a dog. The head coat is a piece of hair that is not cut, which allows it to grow at your specific length. It should be long enough to tie the knot for a ribbon or bow.

4. Bob Cut

This style is called Maltese bob because it resembles a short human bob haircut. Most of the dog’s fur is cut short for this style, but the ears and tail hair are longer. This clip is super easy to maintain and doesn’t need to be regularly brushed to make it look greasy. This is a popular trim and for consistent reasons. It looks adorable. The beard is square with straight hair cut along the chin. You can experiment with different lengths of the sides.

5. Short Cut

This cut may seem basic, but it does involve quite a bit about pulling it off, which is why it might be best left to a professional gummer. The dog’s fur is briefly trimmed throughout its body for this style, with its back and sides about 1/4 inch apart. The neck, abdomen, chest, and lower back can be shortened to 1/16 inch.

The foot fur is about 1-1/2 inches, and the top of the head is round with some round-bob. You can leave about 2 inches of edge on the tail. Perfect for warm weather, this cut is truly comfortable for your dog, though still adding elegance to their look.


Long coats, often used in dog shows. It may seem surprising that a Maltese’s curly locks can ever straighten, but the weight straightens the fur and stabilize the wave once the hair is long. It can be quite a task to maintain this cut and should only be worn by dogs who have plenty of time for owners to spend.

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We like about Maltese dogs, apart from their loving personality, is their coat hair. Some Maltese coats have long hair, and others are short, and both are pleasing to your eyes. You can style some trendy Maltese haircuts without cutting or trimming your pet’s Maltese hair. You can choose to do the hairstyle yourself or go to a dog hairstylist. The reason for giving a Maltese dog some cuts, trimming, and haircut depends on your choice. You either want your dog to look neat and stylish, or you want to make it to a dog show.

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