Maltipoo Breed Information, Health, Care and Grooming Tips


These are not a dog breed; it is one of the most popular cross-breed of Maltese and Poodle. Known for fun-loving and affectionate nature. Active and Energetic.

They can fit into apartment life, families with kids, single owners, or seniors. They are so lovable. Maltipoo puppy is kid-loving and enjoys their time around other pups!

More About this Breed

Maltipoo is a popular cross-breed of Toy or Miniature Poodle and Maltese. Maltipoo is affectionate and fun-loving, just like their pure parent breeds. They are great for first-time puppy owners.

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Cross-breed like Maltipoo are popularly known as designer dogs, instead of mixed strains since they’re purposely bred of a combination of two popular breeds.


As both Poodle and Maltese are non-shedders, people who breed Maltipoos generally ends up to Hypoallergenic dog. If you are allergic to something, however, you need to know a little about pet allergies before you buy Maltipoo.

Every dog produces dander (dead skin flakes) and saliva, which carry allergens. You may not react to your dog the day you meet him, but it can develop the allergy after living with him for weeks or months. If possible, spend most of the time with different Maltipoo to see how you react.


If you have decided that Maltipoo puppy is the right one for you, you will find that he is an active, feisty, and fun-loving dog. They are not much of a watchdog but can have many humans and animal friends.

Maltipoo pup is super loving and affectionate by nature, suitable for first-time puppy owners. They are easy to train, and they learn quickly. They also do best in homes with senior people or with older children who can handle them carefully.

They like to cuddle for long and are very sensitive to their people’s wants.

Maltipoo can adapt to any house, from apartment life to house with children, no matter the size of housing, they love being with people. They are not suitable for homes that leave them alone for an extended period.

Size & Weight

Generally, Maltipoo varies in size, and it depends on the poodle parent if they are from Toy or Miniature Poodle. Maltipoo stands typically 8 to 14 inches tall and weighs 5 to 20 pounds.


Before getting a Maltipoo, it is essential to research the health concerns that affect both Maltese and Poodle.

Both parents should have clearance from the Orthopaedic Foundation For Animals for patellas(knees) and thyroid from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) certifying that eyes are healthy including a DNA test for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).

It is necessary because some health problems don’t show up until l a dog reaches full maturity; health clearances are not issued to dogs younger than two years.

You must look for a good breeder who does not breed her dogs until they are 2 to 3 years old.


Maltipoo is best for apartment life as long as they get daily essential exercise. They are an active and fun-loving dog that wants to play with their people.

Maltipoo is an intelligent dog and a quick learner. While training them, try to use positive reinforcement techniques such as food rewards, praise, and play with them. You can teach them in no time.

Maltipoos are active, and the daily need some necessary exercise, a short walk of 10 to 15 minutes to stay healthy and happy. They can be noisy at times and will give an alert bark when they find something that looks suspicious.

Feeding Maltipoo

The right amount of food to feed your dog depends on their size, age, and activity level. Maltipoo is an individual, just like humans, and they all don’t need the same amount of food.

The quality of food also makes a difference- the healthy food your dog eats, they stay fit and active. Keep your Maltipoo in great shape and measure his meals and feed him twice a day rather than leaving out food all the time.

If you find that your dog is overweight, give him less food, and increasing the amount of training and daily exercise is a must.

Coat Color & Grooming

Maltipoo has low-shed coats means fewer hairs on your clothes. They are so soft! Which makes them great to snuggle.

The coat comes in varieties of colors; the most common ones are Cream, Silver, and White.

Maltipoo needs daily brushing to keep his coat clean and clear free of mats. Typically a Maltipoo needs clipping once or twice a year, but his head will need monthly cutting.

Bath them at least once every month to keep their coat soft and clean. Cut the hair around the eyes to keep it looking fantastic. Ears should also be maintained clean because they will trap debris, dirt, and moisture.

Other needs of grooming include dental and Nail care. Brush your Maltipoo’s teeth twice a week to remove bacteria. Daily is always better.

Trimming nails is needed once or twice every month. If you can hear the nails hitting on the ground, they’re too long. Short nails keep the feet in proper condition and won’t hurt you with his long nails if they jump to greet you.

Start dressing your Maltipoo when he is a pup, for him to get used to. Handle his feet frequently; dogs are touched when it comes to their feet. Always look inside the mouth and ears to check if there is any dirt in there.

Make grooming a positive experience and always try to fill it with rewards and praise.

Maltipoos are a lovable and fun-loving dog that has stolen many hearts. For those who appreciate their cuddly experience and can give them their companion for life, they make an ideal pet.

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How can you get one Maltipoo puppy?

This cross-breed is readily available in animal shelters. Contact your nearest shelter or search in a pet finder if you are looking for one.

How much does Maltipoo Cost?

Each breeder sets Maltipoo prices according to their unique characteristics. Such as coat, type, colors, size, disposition, and most importantly, the Maltipoo breeder’s experience. But its prices may range from 400$ to 2,000$.

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