Buying Guide For Fire Hydrants for Dogs

Dogs pee at most upright surfaces and then there’s no chance of showing them. Moreover, this is achieved for all dogs of all ages and all breeds. Obviously, the main explanation for this is the fact that they would use their pee to mark an area. But, there are also other reasons as to why dogs do that.

What Are Dog Fire Hydrants?

A canine/dog fire hydrant pee post is a sheltered pee post for potty preparing your pooch. It is additionally empty enough to go about as a compact stockpiling compartment for plenty of things.

Dog fire hydrants have become a relatively popular dog item. Some are used as a treat since many dogs are drawn to fire hydrants. What is especially nice about them is that they can also be used as a container for storage, thereby doubling their convenience. Although your dog is going to have fun playing with the fire hydrant, you can use it to store a good amount of pet food, dog toys too.

Why Should You Buy The Fire Hydrant For Your Dog?

A fire hydrant can be used to divert your dog’s peeling behavior to a specific area of your choice. The fire hydrant is a great tool to train your canine pal to direct his urine to the right place. Plus, it can double as a storage container for its toys, among other benefits. Unlike real fire hydrants that are heavy and often fixed, fire hydrants for dogs are light, portable, and designed for backyard use.

Types Of Fire Hydrants For Your Doggo.

1. Turtle King Corp Fire Hydrant

Choies Dog Fire Hydrant Statue with 4 Stake,Puppy Pee Post Training Statue,Outdoor Large Fire Hydrant Statue Garden Patio Ornament Decorations 14.5 inch Tall

It’s so cute, and it looks perfect in the yard! The colors are very realistic and bold. It looks like an older hydrant style. It’s a little small considering that I bought it for my mastiff, but it works while he’s balancing on only three legs. Lightweight but with a low profile and a wider base, it doesn’t blow over in strong winds. Place it where you want the most potty to be your pup. I’m hoping it’s going to stop mine from pottying on bushes, rain barrels, flower pots, etc.


  • Unique Fire Hydrant Decoration
  • Made of Polyresin for Long Lasting
  • Use Indoor or Outdoor
  • Great for Training Dogs
  • Measures 14″ Tall x 7.75″ Wide x 7″ Diameter


  • Best For Male Dogs
  • Kinda Small For Big Dogs
  • Not Much Flexible
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2. Design Toscano QL5468

Design Toscano QL5468 Puppy Pee Post-Dog's Second Best Friend Fire Hydrant Statue, 8

Doggos love it and don’t go where they‘re not supposed to. I also put a pee pad under it. Easily rinses off in the tub and dries quickly. Not too heavy to carry. One of my male dogs is 24lbs. It will get knocked over if they play too rough but as long as they play away from the hydrant it’s fine.




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3. Ornerx Resin Fire Hydrant

Ornerx Resin Fire Hydrant Statue Decor 6

Gives your pup a good thing to aim to use the pot if it needs to be inside. We now reside where there are hurricanes, so we’ve got a patch of grass and hydrant for indoor use. It takes some time getting used to but it works great!


  • Decorative fire hydrant statue stands 6 inches, IT is SMALL.
  • Made of resin with red distressed finish. 15 cm tall fits Doll House.
  • A memorial Christmas gift for firefighters. Beyond that – pets love it too.
  • Adorable, for SMALL dog’s poop box / pee post, they’ll love this cute gift.
  • Ideal for Chihuahua / Kolkie / pug / Pomeranian / Yorkies / Schnauzer.


  • Small
  • Fragile
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4. Collectible Badges 17″ Metal Dog Fire Hydrant

Collectible Badges 17

This was working perfectly for my yard. My older dog (15 years old!) took it right away. My yard has been saved from yellowing. The hydrant itself arrived in perfect condition and time. It’s been in use for a couple of months now, and it’s holding up well. Every morning, the yard sprinklers hit the hydrant, and I have yet to see any problems with possible damage to the water. I was going to have to drill a hole in the bottom and fill it with sand to keep it in place and from falling over. Other than that, it great item and worth the price for me.


  • Measures 17″ Tall x 9″ Wide
  • Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor
  • Wonderful Gift for a Fire Fighter
  • Great for Your Dog
  • Very Well Made – All Metal – Ornate


  • Not metal
  • Feels Cheap
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5. Pine Ridge Fire Hydrant for Dogs

Pine Ridge Replica Fire Hydrant for Dogs, 14 inch Outdoor Garden Statue, Yard Decoration, Lawn Ornament

I got this to use on my pee pads, to raise the legs of the males. And they’re using it. However, both of them tilted over because I had to move them to get up the dirty pads, and instead of just falling and being all right, they broke each other! They’ve lost one of the parts that stick to them.

They were shattered! And the pieces are very very thin. I am upset because they didn’t fall on Concrete! They feel on my linoleum floors while covered with a thick pee pad! That’s just not ok. So, I don’t think I will recommend them (as I did at first).

Maybe they need to make the bases wider? Or at least make the plastic a little thicker? I don’t know, but I do not recommend them anymore.




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6. Hueter Toledo Lifesize Replica Plastic Fire Hydrant

Choies Dog Fire Hydrant Statue with 4 Stake,Puppy Pee Post Training Statue,Outdoor Large Fire Hydrant Statue Garden Patio Ornament Decorations 14.5 inch Tall

What’s not to be in love? Dogs think it’s cool to pee against, and I’m glad they’re not peeing on the rose bush anymore. It’s the biggest decoy that’s going to give all my guests (and my landscaper) a laugh and a kick!

If they’re not going to pee it right away, rub the hydrant where they’re just pee’d and the smell is going to migrate. Next time they‘re going to smell the pee and go on the hydrant. I’m still amazed that this is their preferred pee area.


  • Made in the USA
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • There’s nothing quite like it
  • Dog Approved


  • Looks Cheap
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Which Fire Hydrant to buy?

See that’s a very subjective question overall, You can just go through the guide and decide yourself, according to your doggo’s size and age. Happy Shopping! 

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