7 Best Mulch For Dogs and Pet Bedding 2021 (Buying Guide and Reviews)


Mulch usually uses organic elements to slow down soil erosion and prevent weeds. Not only that, but it also helps insects like earthworms to get into soil and gardens. Being a pet owner, you need to know some reasons to use mulch. The substance is gentle on joints and is comfortable to lay. Apart from these, it controls paw injuries and keeps away ticks and fleas. Thus, we have mentioned some of the best mulch for dogs.

You have to be particular about buying it as you need to take care of your pet’s safety. If your puppy has a habit of chewing and digging into random things, then take extra precautions and try to use non-toxic and pet-safe mulch.


If the following ingredients are present in the mulch, then try to avoid them.

Cocoa Bean Mulch: As a pet owner, you must know that chocolates are toxic for dogs and come from cocoa beans. So, it is harmful to your pet if the product has this substance. Such mulch contains theobromine, a toxin that can cause irregular heartbeats or any other serious health problems if your dog gulps it.

Rocks: A few mulches contain rocks. Even though it is suitable to generate water flow, if your dog chews it, it can cause stomach and dental issues.


Cedar: It is a particular substance that is non-toxic for pets and prevents parasites and insects such as ticks and fleas. Not only that, but it also has a reddish color and a pleasant odor. Try to buy smaller chunks as digesting big ones might cause gastrointestinal problems.

Pine: Pine nugget is beneficial in mulch and made from pine trees. Apart from keeping away weeds, it smells good.

Rubber: Rubber mulch produced from old tires is eco-friendly. It does not absorb moisture, due to which it is easy to clean and durable. Another benefit is that, as rubbers are not attractive for dogs due to the odor, they might not chew or taste it.

1) Cedarside Insect Repellent Cedar Mulch

Cedar Mulch Granules 8lb Bag

If you are looking for a chemical-free product, then try using this product. It is also non-toxic. The red color is attractive and produces a pleasant odor. Besides, the Cedarside mulch also prevents insects like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

The size of the chunks is small and is worth it. You can get a bag up to 3500 square feet. The product comes with a money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied, you can return it.


-Satisfied odor

-Prevents fleas and ticks

-Money-back guarantee

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2) Kaytee Red Center Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control Bedding

  All through natural red eastern cedar is already cleansed and filtered before packing, making it dust-free. It is soft, and the odor stays for long. The liquids are absorbable and keep your pet’s bed clean and dry.

Besides, the product is chemical-free and 100% pet-safe.


-Long-lasting odor

-Absorbs smells and liquids

-Low-dust formula

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3) Four Winds Trading Natural Cedar Shavings

Natural Cedar Shavings (4 Quart)

  The product is all-natural and ideal for gardens and yards, and even indoors. Thus, it controls and absorbs odor and prevents insects and parasites.

The highly absorbent material keeps your pet’s bed dry throughout the day. It comes in a cedar fragrance, a 4-quart bag, and other two larger packs.


-Cedar odor

-Extremely absorbent

-Controls insects and parasites

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4) Woodsmith USA Cedar Chips

100% Natural Cedar Chips | Mulch | Great for Outdoors or Indoor Potted Plants | Dog Bedding (4 Quart)

  It is all-natural and has an odor of cedar. The US manufactured product is comfortable for your pet’s bedding as they absorb moisture and prevent heat.

Your pet can play joyfully as the mulch is very soft. Also, it controls foul odors and avoids ticks and fleas, and other insects.


-Cedar fragrance

-Absorbs smell

-Controls ticks and fleas

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5) Vigaro Rubber Mulch

International Mulch Rubberific Premium Rubber Mulch, Earthtone

  The product uses recycled rubber and is one of the best eco-friendly choices. With a 12-year guarantee of color, the mulch prevents insects and is highly absorbent. It is suitable for adult dogs who suffer from joint problems.

Some feel that the product is not gentle and soft, unlike other mulches and neither absorbent.


-Prevents insects

-Shock absorber


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6) Pet’s Pick Cedar Bedding

Pestell Pet Products Easy Clean Cedar Bedding 20L

  The product is suitable for dog houses and beds as it keeps them dry, odor-free, and comfortable. The pet’s Pick Cedar Bedding also controls insects and bacteria.

The triple-washed cedar shavings bring down on the dust. The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


-Low dust system


-100% satisfaction guarantee

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7) Kaytee Pine bedding

Kaytee Pine Bedding, 4.0 Cubic Feet Bag

  All-natural pine mulch is eco-friendly and gentle. It is one of the best options to make your pet’s bed comfortable. But if you want a highly absorbent mulch, then this is not for you.

The fresh pine odor prevents insects like mites, fleas, etc. It is 99% dust-free and assures that your dog will not be affected by allergens.


-Soft and comfortable

-Pine Fragrance

-Low-dust formula

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Sometimes, dogs can be stinky. Thus, keep their bed clean and fresh with a premium-quality mulch that gives a pleasant odor, along with a gentle feel that retains heat.

The soft layer keeps your pet’s body heat away and dries all day. If you use mulch that contains pine or cedar, then you would get an attractive fragrance. Also, it absorbs smells due to urine. Some of them are very absorbent, locking in and whisking away liquids like urine and drool.


As the texture of mulch is soft and gentle, they might wish to eat it. In that case, you should take extra care so that it does not gulp as it can harm and have unwanted effects on your pet’s health.

Even if it is pet-safe, make sure your dog does not digest it anyway. For instance, large cedar fibers can affect the digestive tract, whereas pine needles can puncture its belly lining. For playing, give him a chew toy or a bully stick to keep it away from having mulch.

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