Top 10 Best Dog Foods For Golden Retrievers

Best Dog Foods For Golden Retrievers

 Dogs are the most loyal companions of human beings. They are very affectionate towards us and warm-heartedly take care of their humans. Even it is our utmost responsibility to care for them. 

 A golden retriever is a gun dog breed that originates from Scotland. They are very cheerful and active dogs. Following are the best 10 dog foods for golden retrievers

 Top Picks for Dog Food For Golden Retrievers

1. Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina ONE High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend True Instinct With Real Turkey & Venison - 27.5 lb. Bag

It is one of the most liked dog foods as the price is nominal and contains all the necessary nutrients and is rich in protein. Dog food promotes a healthy heart and strong muscles. 

Fundamental Features: 

– It contains rice and chicken.

– The food has a combination of Vitamin A and E.

– It also includes minerals zinc and selenium.

– Omega 6 for healthy skin.

– Glucosamine maintains a healthy digestive system.

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2. Purina Pro Plan Sport Active Formula Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan High Calorie, High Protein Dry Dog Food, SPORT 30/20 Chicken & Rice Formula - 37.5 lb. Bag (Packaging May Vary)

  The food is exclusively for active retrievers. Chicken is the first and foremost ingredient. It is easily digestible.

Fundamental Features:

– 26% protein and 16% fat keep the muscles healthy.

– Rich in carbohydrates.

– Ample amount of antioxidants that promote a healthy immune system. 

– It delivers the right amount of nutrients in the body.  

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3. Diamond Naturals Adult Dry Dog Food- Large Breed

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Lamb Meal and Rice Formula with Protein from Real Lamb, Probiotics and Essential Nutrients to Support Balanced and Overall Health in Adult Dogs 40lb

The Diamond Naturals Adults Dry Dog Food satisfies all the nutritional values required for your pet in a proper amount. The dry food is natural and contains all the necessary vitamins. 

Fundamental Features:

– Beef is the main ingredient.

– Enriched with K9 probiotics that maintain an active lifestyle by strengthening the immune system.

– Made with the beef meal and rice formula.

– It contains Vitamin E and superfoods like kale, pumpkin, blueberries, and chia seeds.

– The food includes omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

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4. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild with Ancient Grains Ancient Stream Canine Recipe with Smoked Salmon Dog Food for All Life Stages, Made with High Protein from Real Salmon and Guaranteed Nutrients and Probiotics 28lb

The food is made with roasted bison and roasted venison to fulfill the nutritional needs of the adult ones. 

Fundamental Features:

     – K9 strain probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system.

     – An equal amount of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for good skin.

     – Consists of antioxidants such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

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5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe High Protein, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Red Meat 22-lb

The food is exclusively for those dogs who need a high level of carbohydrates and proteins in their diet. It contains various types of meats such as lamb, beef, venison, and chicken mixed with sweet potatoes and peas. 

Fundamental Features:

     – Grain-free.

     – It contains omega3 and omega6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. 

     – Formulated with natural minerals and vitamins.

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 6. Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food, 17 lb bag

The dry food meets all the nutritional value of a dog aged 15 months or above. The shape of the kibble is designed in such a way as to encourage them to chew the food. 

     Fundamental Features:

     – The dry food includes brown rice, oat groats, brewers rice, and wheat. 

     – It contains natural flavors.

     – The food cures skin irritation. 

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7. Royal Canin Golden Retriever Soft Dog Food

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Loaf in Sauce Canned Dog Food, 13.5 oz can

Soft Dog Food is made for pets 15 months old or more. 

Fundamental Features:

     – Composed of EPA and DHA from fish oil. It promotes healthy skin. 

     – It contains sodium, taurine that improves heart functions.

     – There is proper content of nutrients.

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8. Natural Balance Limited Ingredients

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food, Lamb & Brown Rice Formula, 26 Pounds

The core ingredient of this dog food is lamb and contains brown rice and brewers rice along with a mix of rice bran oil and canola oil. 

Fundamental Features:

– High in protein and carbohydrate sources to prevent allergies and stomach problems.

– It contains omega3 fatty acids that nourish the skin deeply. 

– High- quality nutrition content improves overall health. 

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9. Merrick Grain-Free Real Buffalo

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food Real Texas Beef & Sweet Potato Recipe - 22 lb Bag

The food is grain-free and consists of deboned meat and fish. Since it is rich in protein, it helps to improve the muscles.

Fundamental Features:

     – Includes high levels of omega3 and omega6 fatty acids to maintain hips and joints; improves your pet’s skin.

     – Full of nutritions such as sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries, and peas. 

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10. Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets

Primal Freeze-Dried Dog Food Nuggets, 14 oz Chicken - Made in USA, Complete Raw Diet, Grain-Free Topper/Mixer

The nuggets are grain-free. The core ingredient is beef. These nuggets are not only healthy but delicious as well. 

Fundamental Features: 

– Enriched with Vitamins and Minerals.

– It is suitable for all ages. 

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To keep healthy, you must feed your dog with good food. There is no such comparison between dry and wet food. Both the food have merits and demerits. 

 Usually, people prefer dry food because its shelf life is long and is easy to store. Even if you keep it loosely, it will not spoil. Also, dry food is financially affordable. Dry kibble is one of the best chosen dry foods. 

 One of the disadvantages of this kind of food is that it does not provide moisture. 

 On the other hand, wet food provides you with moisture because it is fresh. The wet food is medically suitable for those dogs who suffer from any sort of dental problem. The soft food also keeps the pet hydrated.

 Unlike dry food, you can not keep the wet food for a longer time. It is also more expensive than dry food.


There are three factors on which its eating habits depend- age, size, and physical activities. If your puppy is six months old or less than that, then you can feed him four times a day. 

 Then, you can lessen it to 1-2 times until he turns 2-3 years old. 

Some dogs are good at controlling their weights. Thus, you can feed them with more food. Whereas, a few are overweight and need to have less food. 

You can use a measuring cup to check how much to nourish your pet. 

Apart from this, you should always consult your respective veteran doctor before changing your dog’s eating routine. 

Always make sure that your dog is not overweight or underweight. One must keep checking the weight of the dog frequently.


Treating your pet with foods other than regular food not only keeps them happy but healthy as well. It is a necessity to keep them well-nourished and cheerful. So why not treat them with some exciting foods? 

 The following are some of the food that you can feed your pup other than its regular one. 

 – Popcorn: It should be plain. The popcorn should not contain any added flavor or salt. 

Honey: Helps to cure allergies; rich in vitamins

Pork: Prevents allergies and is high in amino acids; should be served plain and cooked

Watermelon and Apple: without seeds

Red tomatoes: Riped 

So, these were the top 10 essential and best dog foods for a golden retriever. The foods mentioned above are healthy and keep them active throughout their lives. However, before feeding any of these, we would always recommend you consult a doctor.

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