Bernedoodle Breed Information, Pictures, and History


If you are looking for a loyal, intelligent, smart, and gentle dog that will be your companion for life, look no further than Bernedoodle.
This dog is also known as the Bernese Mountain Poo; this breed is a combination of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle.

Fans boast that this mixed breed combines the best of both worlds from its Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle Parents. Intelligence and low shedding coat of the Poodle, yet loyal nature of the Bernese.

For anyone who owned any of those breeds, you will know that means that the Bernedoodle is a special puppy!

More About This Breed

The main motive for this cross-breeding of these two popular breeds was to create a perfect companion for all shapes and sizes of families with kids.

That’s the reason breeders didn’t stop at the first generation of the mix; they continue to select and perfect Bernedoodle in different sizes and colors.

Bernedoodle can appear different according to the breeders. Their coats can be curly and wavy or straight and come in a variety of colors. They usually come in three different sizes; tiny, miniature, and standard.

This size depends on the Poodle parent, which can be a toy, mini, or standard.

Small size Bernedoodles are best for apartment pets than the Standard Bernedoodles, who do best in the yards to burn energy. This breed has basic exercise needs by one daily long walk, which will keep them energetic.

If you are looking for a dog for the whole family, or you are a single owner looking for a smart, lovable mixed-breed dog with good health that will be your partner for life and will put a smile on your face with their antics, you won’t be able to find a better match than the Bernedoodle.


  • Since they are mixed breeds, Bernedoodle has fewer health problems as compared to either breed of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle.
  • Bernedoodle breeding started in 2003, the primary purpose for this cross-breeding was to create a perfect companion dog, not a dog that looks cute or would perform well in shows.
  • They might stubborn as dogs, but that usually interferes with age, and their intelligence makes these dogs very trainable for patient owners.
  • Bernedoodle is often hypoallergenic and shed very less.
  • Although they are good with kids and other dogs, early socialization is always helpful in ensuring they remain calm and comfortable in every new situation.
  • Bernedoodle can vary much in appearance based on what traits they get from their parents.
  • Bernedoodle wants attention, and therefore they are best suited for families where they do not leave them alone for a long period.


Bernedoodle is a new and unique breed. Sherry Rupke of Swissridge Kennels is the breeder who claims to be the first breeder to intentionally breed Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle to create Bernedoodle in 2003. Though hybrid of those may appear accidentally before then.

Bernedoodle not recognized by American Kennel Club is a new relative breed and a hybrid of two purebreds.

However, it is known by American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dog Kennel Club, Designer Breed Registry, and the International Designer Canine Registry.

They are designer breeds. They are not found in shelters. Rescue groups that focus on Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog will sometimes work with cross-breeding. There is no reason you depend on the breeder for Bernedoodle.
You can always adopt one, or search in the database of adoptable dogs near you.


It comes in three different sizes: tiny, miniature, and standard. They depend on the traits they have from their Poodle parents, which can be a toy, mini, and standard size.

Tiny Bernedoodle is 12 to 17 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs about 10 to 24 pounds.

Mini Bernedoodle is 18 to 22 inches tall and weighs around 25 to 49 pounds.

Standard Bernedoodle is 23 to 29 inches tall and weighs 70 to 90 pounds. Generally, males are larger than females.


Seem to have Lots of the best character traits from the traits they inherit from their parents may differ a little, however, and individual personalities of dogs inside the breed change.

Bernedoodles usually are extremely intelligent, hardworking if required, faithful, and only a little goofy. They are great with kids and other dogs if they’ve been well socialized.

Have high energy and always crave attention and at least moderate exercise daily long walk. They are happy and do best in homes where they are not left alone for a long period.

And Miniature does best in apartment and city life with kids other than Standard Bernedoodle. They all need at least a long city walk to burn off the energy.
They want nothing more than love and affection from humans and all-time ready to play with them outside or cuddle in the couches.


Are healthier dogs than their parents. Inbreeding has left many purebred open to genetically disease and conditions, but cross-breeding lower down the risk. Being the Bernedoodle is not around for a long time; health concerns are limited.

The chances of cancer are more moderate in Bernedoodle as compared to their parent of Bernese Mountain Dog.

Are, however, some conditions in which Bernedoodle may suffer from hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and skin allergies or spots.

All breeds can be affected by any number of health problems, but Bernedoodle is generally a healthy breed.


This breed does not need any personal space as long as their basic needs for physical and mental health are met; they shouldn’t be too destructive. They love being around people, so it’s better not to leave them alone.

Poodles, Bernedoodles are extremely intelligent. They can quickly learn bad habits as easily as good habits. It is very crucial to stay informed about training.

Early socialization and exposure to other dogs and people is an excellent idea and will help them maintain behavior while meeting with new pets and people.


The right amount to nourish the Bernedoodle depends on their age, size, and activity level, so it is highly individualized. Standard Bernedoodle may be a voracious eater who will swallow it down whatever we place in front of them.

So, you will have to take care of and monitor their food intake and weight while providing them with plenty of activity.

You can also ask your Vet for recommendations that suit best for your particular dog.

Color and Grooming of Bernedoodle

They’ve wavy, curly coats that don’t shed much. Which may make them more acceptable for people with allergies. Occasionally Bernedoodles may have straighter layers, which loose longer, therefore, are less hypoallergenic.

The thickness of this breed helps them flourish in cold temperatures while still giving them the right amount of protection against the heat of summertime, too.

The color of Bernedoodle coats has a significant range. Some of them are pure black, others are white and black, and others are black and brown. Sometimes, they are tri-colored with patches of white, black, and brown. They can have other colors, as well.

The most popular color coat, an individual seeking a Bernedoodle, is a tri-colored Bernese Mountain Dog.

It becomes tough for those who have the curlier Bernedoodle’s coat to groom. Because they shed less, they need to be brushed at regular intervals to prevent their skin from getting matted.

Some owner of Bernedoodle brush their dogs daily and treat a bonding experience, which these breeds love. Their coat must be trimmed every month, depending on how quickly it grows.

Children and Other Pets

They are best suitable for families with children, though children are well correctly instructed on how to treat animals, especially with Tiny and Miniature Bernedoodle, they may be injured easily.
This breed is loyal and lovable and loves to play with its families.

Do well with other dogs, but it is crucial to socialize and keep up with them to make sure they behave well around new pets early.

Resuce Groups

It is a unique and rare breed that makes them difficult to find in shelters and rescue groups. But there is a rescue that caters to Poodle Mixes, and you can always keep an eye on your local shelters for what new dog comes in.

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